I Want My Pre-Roll Video

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The popular band Dire Straits “wants their MTV,” but for pet brand marketers the better tune is found with the iHeartRadio app pre-roll video! Recent results for one of my pet brand clients were so phenomenal (12% CTR on pre-roll ads delivered to dog owners on their mobile devices) that the company called to see how much more they could buy during the final two weeks of their national campaign!

There are many reasons the iHeartRadio app pre-roll works so well.  Here are a few:

  • Ads can be served to consumers having specific interests (i.e. owns a dog, owns a cat).
  • Ads can be targeted by geography – locally, regionally, nationally.
  • The completion rate is better than 90%.
  • Frequency caps prevent ad fatigue for consumers
  • 100% brand safe environment

With more than 110 million registered users on the iHeartRadio app there are plenty of impressions for more pet brands.


Jeani Stevens holds an MBA in marketing.  A seasoned marketer and business development executive she currently works for iHeartMedia, Inc. in San Francisco, CA.  Jeani and her team create and execute local, regional and national marketing campaigns exclusively for pet brands using a wide variety of marketing assets.  Jeani can be reached at JeaniStevens@iHeartMedia.com.

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