Word-of-Mouth to Millions: The Power of Personalities for Pet Brands

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An influencer component in an integrated marketing campaign adds tremendous punch to its results.

Personalities on the original social media platform – radio, continue to create one-to-many relationships.  Every week millions of consumers tune in to their favorite stations and connect with their on-air friends.  After the show, this powerful connection is continued thru personal blogs and social media interaction.  How powerful is this connection?  Seven out of 10 listeners view their favorite radio personality as a trusted friend and consider endorsements as recommendations from a friend.  That’s why 1 in 2 listeners have purchased a radio personality-endorsed product.

Whether a brand is targeting a local, regional, or national audience, it’s this kind of connection that drives a 6x ROI with integrated campaigns built around radio.

Check out the energy behind the sampling of iHeartMedia talent in this video …

And my favorite part?  Personalities are pet owners, too!

Syndicated radio host Ryan Seacrest is a pet owner as is popular love songs host Delilah.

Halo Purely for Pets is a brand Martha Quinn can get behind.  The original MTV VJ and Morning Show Talent on San Francisco’s iHeart ’80s station 103.7 FM feeds it to her three dogs every day.  What brand do you suppose the more than 380,000* adult pet owners who listen to that single station will think of when they are listening to the radio on the way to the store?  The answer of course is whatever brand their radio best friend recommends.  Take a look at the fun video Martha produced to introduce herself to the brand …

There are several factors that make endorsement campaigns exceptionally effective.  The product or service must be something the talent is willing to endorse.  Secondly, endorsements by a personality are often limited.  This can apply to the total number of endorsements a talent can commit to, or specific restrictions on a category (e.g. only able to work with one pet food brand).  Finally, unlike other types of influencer campaigns, radio personality endorsements are often repetitive which is useful in building recall – an important factor for a consumer moving toward a purchase.


Jeani Stevens holds an MBA in marketing.  A seasoned marketer and business development executive she currently works for iHeartMedia, Inc. in San Francisco, CA.  Jeani and her team create and execute local, regional and national marketing campaigns exclusively for pet brands using a wide variety of marketing assets.  Jeani can be reached at JeaniStevens@iHeartMedia.com.

*Copyright ©2016 Nielsen Audio Inc. / Scarborough Research. San Francisco Jun 2016

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